Dadawadi Shwetamber Jain Temple Hyderabad

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As you make your way across the vast grounds of the Dadabadi Jain Sevashram, boxed in by trees, towards the Terracotta Jain Temple in Hyderabad, a sense of calm settles over you. The Dadabadi Jain Temple is a lyrical beauty of dulcet contrasts and a real oasis of calm in the usually busy and tiny alleys of Karwan, just a stones throw from the other, more famous Karwan Jain Temple at Gudimalkapur near Mehdipatnam.

This two-hundred-year-old Shwetambar Jain temple, which is made of terracotta and marble, is a study in contrasts. You can’t help but notice the striking contrast between the brick red of the terracotta and the pure white of the Rajasthani Marble. Not to mention the beautiful designs that have been etched into them. And there’s never a smidgeon of unrest in the air. Not by the pigeons that swarm to the birdfeed basins left out for them, nor by the constant stream of regulars who come by every day from all over the city to go about their lonely sojourn of faith and religion.

The grin on Dada Shri Jin Kushal Suri’s statue, to whom this temple is dedicated, just adds to the atmosphere as you approach the main sanctuary. You don’t have to be a Jain to feel calm at this evocative temple.

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