Shri 1008 Vighnaharan Parshwanath Digamber Jain Aatishaya Kshetra

Shri 1008 Vighnaharan Parshwanath Digamber Jain Aatishaya Kshetra


Kulcharam is a village and Mandal in the Medak District of Telangana state.

Shri 1008 Vighnharneshvar Parshv Nath Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra

This kshetra is a famous Jain Temple in Telangana situated in a natural hilly area full of greenery, presents a beautiful, eye catching and peaceful environment.

Darshan of Vighnharaneshvar Parshv Nath diminishes the worldly worries & fulfills the desired, so this place is getting popularized. For pilgrimage, devotees from all casts come here. At present, with a high beautiful pinnacle, there is a magnificent & artistic temple. The main gate of temple & alter is very attractive and eye catching.

Main idol of principal deity Bhagwan Parshv Nath is made of black stone, 11 feet & 3 inches in height, and in standing posture with 7 serpent hoods over head and belongs to 9th century.

Water of consecration flows from all the hoods and then through head and shoulders it comes to feet. The scene of consecration by milk looks like the flow of pearls. The process of consecration is done according to Gomateshwara in Karnataka. The temple was constructed in year 2003.

In 1984 the hood of the idol of Parswanath was seen surfacing out of earth. Careful digging revealed an idol of 11 feet 3 inches!!! 30 people were required to unearth the idol completely. From 1984 until late 1990’s the idol was under the control of locals, who treated the idol as ‘gram devata’. After enormous efforts from Digambar Jain Samaj of Hyderbad, the idol was handed over to Jains, under the condition that the idol will not be take away from Kulcharam. Now the idol is completely under Digambar Jain management and a grand temple has been built in 2003. A model of Sameed Shikharji pahad, as well as Manastamba (column of dignity) is also beautiful in architecture and worth see. A Dhamshala with a capacity to host 100 people has been built, along with a Jain Bhojanalaya. The unearthing of idol has resulted in goodness to all the people around with regular rains and greenery, in a otherwise completely dry area. Jain, non-Jain people from 27 adjoining villages.


TEMPLE TIMING : Shri 1008 Vighnaharan Parshwanath Digamber Jain Aatishaya Kshetra

6:00 AM – 12:00 PM

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Dharamshala : Available for stay.

Banquet hall : Available for booking for events like marriages, dharmik events etc.

Village/Town : Aghapura, District : Hyderabad, State : TELANGANA, Country : India, Pincode : 500001