Shri 1008 Chandraprabhu Digamber Jain Mandir

Shri 1008 Chandraprabhu Digamber Jain Mandir


1008 The lord Chandraprabhu Bhagwan is the main idol of this temple. The idol here is very ancient, it is said that this idol (Chandaprabhu Bhagwan) has been given to us by Nizam-3. This temple is also called “Kesarbhag”. At the core of Jalore temple there are wonderful idols of Lord Chanda Prabhu as well as Suparshvanath Bhagwan, and 1170 Tirthankaras of Ajit Nath Bhagwan’s period, which may be the only one in the world, right of the original temple and Ratnamayi. There is Chaubisi, and NemiNath is the name of the Lord, Adinatha to the left and Suparshvanatha is the altar of the Lord. In the second temple here, there is a statue of Khet Pashan (white) Lord Mahavir. The prestige of this statue has been done by “Acharya Shri Aryanandi Maharaj Ji” There is an temple in the courtyard above this temple of Lord Shantinath and the odols are of Lord Parasnath. In this temple, the lotus feet of Prathamacharya Shri. Shanti Sagar Ji Maharaj and Acharya Veer Sagar Ji is Installed 11 is 2G.

The ancient idol of Chakraswari Mata is seated in this temple, there is Kshetra- Baba at Virajman Pal Swadhyaya. There is also a huge library in this temple, where there are ancient books. Sanskar Vatika Pathshala is for the Children’s for getting traditionally cultured. Acharya Devanandi ji, Pushpdant Sagar ji, Vishuddha Sagar ji, Prasanna Sagar ji, Pramukh Sagar ji, Saubhagya Sagar ji and Girnar Sagar ji have already arrived.

The Chaturmas of Sadhvis like Mataji and Bharateshwari Mataji have taken place. There is also a very good facility of accommodation, food , school and a very good arrangement for the stay of the travellers, this temple is the main temple among the temples of Hyderabad


TEMPLE TIMING : Shri 1008 Chandraprabhu Digambar Jain Mandir,

6:00 AM – 12:00 PM

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Dharamshala : Available for stay.

Banquet hall : Available for booking for events like marriages, dharmik events etc.

Village/Town : Aghapura, District : Hyderabad, State : TELANGANA, Country : India, Pincode : 500001